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 Try The Character System

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- Jeg Elsker Dig -
- Jeg Elsker Dig -

Number of posts : 145
Age : 26
Location : Jln.Flamboyan Block. E no. 25, Cinere, Depok
Job/hobbies : Student Nga Tulen
Registration date : 2008-03-06

Race: Human
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PostSubject: Try The Character System   Try The Character System EmptySat Mar 08, 2008 3:05 pm

User's please choose your character type from profile ----> character

by default your character type will be human but you are able to change that.
Your default hp will be 100/100 and will decrease or increase according to your forum behaviour. Should your hp decrease to 0/100 your account will be banned temporarily.

When your account is banned temporarily you can apply for unban and your character will be revived to 50/100

the 2nd time your character die, you will be permanently banned.

Outstanding behaviour gets you a hp increase and every star level you get, your base hp will be increased by 50.

Behaviours which will cause damage to your health:-

Excessive Flame = 5 hp per post
Harrassment = 5 hp per post
Post jacking (using excessive spam) = 10 hp per warning
Advertising = 10 hp per post
Posting in the wrong section = 5 hp per thread

Posting malicious software (virus,spyware,etc) = instant kill
Pornography (any form) = instant kill

Behaviours which replenish your health:-
Helpfulness = 5 hp per help (only once per day)
Sharing Thread = 5 hp every 5 thread

So Just Becarefull
Twisted Evil Twisted Evil

The Character Is Now Edit All Character Have It Own Pic So Have Fun

Try The Character System 4401fbe2648cf4897ca334e96d5a42ed

Gua Kasih Tau Aja Ke Elo Yah Kalo Gua Ngamuk Nga Bisa Berenti Sebelum Kelar Masalahnya Jadi Jangan Bikin Gua Marah Kalo Lo Lakuin Juga Udah Gua Nga Nangung Yah, Masa Bodo Laki Apa Cewe Pokoknya Kalo Gua Udah Marah2 Aja Gua
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Try The Character System
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