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 How To Keep Your Body Fit

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- Jeg Elsker Dig -
- Jeg Elsker Dig -

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PostSubject: How To Keep Your Body Fit   Sat Mar 08, 2008 3:19 pm

Few Advice From Me

Quote :
Any Body Got Any Idea How To Keep Our Body Fit
I Know Some We Could Do Some Fitnes Activity And Eat Healty Food
If Anybody Have More Way Post It Here

Quote :
1. Excercise subsequently, not hardly.

2. Drink lot of mineral water.

The last one is pretty hard for some gamers and footballers:
3. Sleep early and enough.

Quote :
and for the diet thing, i just want to share..

1. if u are on a diet program, remember to eat frequently..
DIET don't mean u can't eat.

2. The result if u didn't use the no 1 tip u'll get fat more..

3. eat subsequently, and do some exercise / sports subsequently too.

Not Alwasy Work So Just Try It First Okay Then


Gua Kasih Tau Aja Ke Elo Yah Kalo Gua Ngamuk Nga Bisa Berenti Sebelum Kelar Masalahnya Jadi Jangan Bikin Gua Marah Kalo Lo Lakuin Juga Udah Gua Nga Nangung Yah, Masa Bodo Laki Apa Cewe Pokoknya Kalo Gua Udah Marah2 Aja Gua
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PostSubject: Re: How To Keep Your Body Fit   Sat Mar 08, 2008 9:37 pm

ooooo gtuu..waaa makasih yon..
skrg gw lg butuh ginian..

tp pas gw olahraga,,
yg ada otot tangan gw membesar..
GLEK!! serem gila!

tapi mantep lol!

do you know why i call myself alivegurl..?
coz i have time to have fun
coz i have a dream i want to reach
coz there are people who want me here
therefore.......i am alive and boyly
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How To Keep Your Body Fit
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